Draco and hermione comics


draco and hermione comics
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Tom Felton Says Harry Potter Was Definitely in Love With Draco Malfoy

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12 Harry Potter Comics That Will Cast Lumos on Your Day

I hope you guys like it! Hermione Granger put a spring to her jump as she hopped aboard the Hogwarts Express for the first time. Although she was incredibly excited for her coming years as a witch, but she needed a place to focus on her studying. She spied a redhead boy with a bag of popcorn by his side, talking to a boy whose face was covered, but she could clearly see the black hair and the glasses. Yes, she had done her research. That was definitely the famous Harry Potter. She started in their direction, but stopped abruptly and remembered she was a tad bit behind on the magical stuff, so she slithered in on an almost empty compartment.

I am afraid of not being perfect and I really really like drawing people because I feel like I can understand them when I draw them. How come you're not a dramione fan? I mean is it even in the circumstance he gets a massive redemptive arc and apologises for past behaviour or is it a hard no? Would you ever give annnnyy fic a try for them if people sent you thier favs or legit never! I'm just curious! I hope you don't mind my asking, have a fab day! Draco having feelings for Hermione leaves the huge elephant in the room that is his complete and utter fixation with Harry.


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