Zero and jude kiss

A Surprising Gay Gem in Hit the Floor?

zero and jude kiss
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Jude and Zero

Instead the show decided to surprise the audience with a kiss shared between the two male characters., Account name: Password OpenID?

Zero: Jude. You're gay! Jude: What? I'm not gay! Zero: You kissed me. Jude: No, I didn't. Not like that. You were upset. I just: Zero: Kissed me on the mouth. Jude.
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Jude is played by actor Brent Antonello. He is, as of Season 2, one of the main characters on Hit The Floor. Jude is the son of Oscar Kinkade and the stepson of Lionel Davenport. He is also the boyfriend of Zero , as of Season 3. Having always dreamed of working for The Devils basketball team, alongside his father, Jude enters into this treacherous world as a budding sports agent for new, star player Zero. On his first day at the Devil's Arena, Jude gives it his all to try and impress his father, Oscar, despite their somewhat estranged relationship.

Jude Kinkade and Zero are fictional characters from the VH1 series Hit the Floor , which chronicles the off-the-court drama surrounding a fictional professional basketball team, the Los Angeles Devils. Introduced in the season two premiere episode " Game Changer ", Zero Adam Senn is a devious new addition to the Devils from a rival Ohio team, and Jude Brent Antonello is the junior agent assigned to him.


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    Jude Kinkade and Zero are fictional characters from the VH1 series Hit the Floor, which . Soon after, Zero comes out by kissing Jude on the basketball court in front of millions of people, in what The Advocate called a "jaw-dropping episode".

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    Jude & Zero First Kiss (In the Public)

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