My wife and me having sex

My wife says I should have sex with other women because she refuses to get intimate anymore

my wife and me having sex
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“Help. My wife doesn’t want to have sex with me.”

It takes both of you to make it work and it is mutually beneficial for both parities. The Bible pretty much says that married folks should be having sex and lots of it.

My wife and I have been married for 32 years. We've had our fair share of good times and bad, and have two wonderful children who both graduated from respectable universities.

I got married two weeks ago at the age of 25 to my wife , who is I started masturbating at 14 and did so at least five times a week leading up to getting married. Through masturbating I could bring myself to orgasm within three minutes. Please help me. You are far from the only person in the world who is having difficulty switching from self-pleasuring to partner sex. Sometimes this is because a man has become used to pretty firm or even rough stimulation; no vagina will be able to provide a similarly high-friction sensation.


  1. Steven F. says:

    It’s been 19 years.

  2. Iona Q. says:

    Tenioha onna no ko datte honto man up vostfr

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