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hot and sexy wives
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When a man brags about his wife's looks, body, or smoking hot prowess, we may consider his remarks loving compliments from a husband to his better half, but when I hear a man say those things, I bristle. - Type keyword s to search.

More or less, politics is Hollywood for people who are too ugly to be in Hollywood. The endless partisan battles that play out on our television screens gives millions of people endless entertainment and the sense that they are staying involved in the governance of their society, while the unelected, faceless high-level bureaucrats whose names and faces you'll never know work behind the scenes to run the government: the so-called "Deep State. Meanwhile, politicians read their lines for the camera to create a drama not unlike professional wrestling, more scripted than you might think, more bluff and bluster than revolutionary, more dramatic than substantive, a sanitized and safe simulation of the violent upheavals and power struggles in centuries past, all playing out in a never-ending TV show, the finest exemplar of reality television. The writers are killing it this season. People with excellent acting skills, powerful screen presence, and broad appeal to viewers do best in this billion dollar industry, and it is a perfect fit for those blessed with these characteristics, but who lack the standards of beauty for actors in the cinema and overtly fictional television world. Interestingly enough, it almost seems like successful politicians are generally a standard deviation away from average looking toward the uglier side of the spectrum.

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    My marital duty, as the female side of the partnership, is not let myself get fat and unappealing to my male spouse.

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