Bald and gay

Seriously, Science?

bald and gay
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Gay men's preferences for “top” vs. In fact, they believe that the reason men go bald is to compensate for the heat they retain by growing a.
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Bald And Under Thirty: Are You Gay Or Racist, Mate?

If you find you’re a guy and you’re upset about losing your locks, it turns out being bald may be making you more beautiful. A new study has revealed guys – especially younger ones – find bald men more attractive, more dominant and more confident than men with hair.
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Three things in this life are certain: death, taxes, and male pattern baldness. Related: Young guys find bald men sexier and more dominant than guys with hair, study reveals. And you know what? Commenters on the thread were quick to agree. There were jokes, of course: I do kind of resemble Ming the Merciless if I arch my eyebrows right. But I also received a ton of compliments. My whatsapp number is

Male pattern baldness and the mysteries of human sexuality are no puzzles for the president of Bolivia , who has declared they are caused by eating chicken. Evo Morales has claimed that both homosexuality and baldness can be caused by the humble chicken. Speaking at an environmental conference on Tuesday, Morales said chicken producers injected fowl with female hormones and insisted that "when men eat those chickens they experience deviances in being men". Morales's theories do not appear to have been immediately accepted by the scientific community, to put it mildly, and have been criticised by Spain's National Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals, which sent a letter of protest to the Bolivian embassy in Madrid describing the president's remarks as homophobic.


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    Despite being usually objective scientists, we have a sentimental streak, and we have spent the last few days reminiscing about the crazy, and often funny, science we have highlighted.

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