Spanking tales and toons

Dave Wolfe who does "WolfieToons!"

spanking tales and toons
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Taffy Tales[9.2] part 3

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Hot Scoop. By Flatfish. It was at night. Julie wound down the car window .
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Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories & Art

It was at night. Julie wound down the car window and felt the icy breeze whip down the dimly lit street. She had waited patiently for over an hour expecting trouble but so far the estate was uncharacteristically quiet.
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My Bottom Smarts. Spankings make my good life even better. Friday, June 30, Spankings Remembered.

The title escapes me, darling Veronica, but I'm pretty sure that's Keith Jones with his hardcore NY dialect and the perfectly cast Gretta Carlson--circa Keep 'em coming, gorgeous! Southern Switchin' and :- I so love this Veronica. She is such a lovely, lil', Southern cutey. But has gotten off rather lightly in my view! Ok its but as a strict Southern Mommy, I was raised in a very strict, loving, conservative s style household


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