Small boobs and big butts

Do big butts make up for little boobs?

small boobs and big butts
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Because it's a pain in your (big) ass. You're always thankful for stretchy material or the ability to mix and match sizes because otherwise, finding.
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Big butt with small breasts, can that be sexy?

My butt is flat compared to my breasts so I envy you lol why would a guy not like curved hips? every guy that I know likes big butt and curved hips some even.
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Sign up or log in to share. My butt is flat compared to my breasts It's very sexy so do not be so self conscious.

For better or for worse, it seems like it's the bum's turn to have it's moment in the spotlight. Here are 15 possible reasons big booties have been trending. Celebrity bodies have always been inspiration for us regular folk to get in shape. Songs like J.


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