Mlp hearts and hooves dvd

Hearts and Hooves Day

mlp hearts and hooves dvd
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Hearts and Hooves

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Hearts And Hooves. Released: January 1, Available in US & Canada. Product SKU: No Reviews Yet .
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Equestria Daily Settings

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The episode was viewed by an estimated audience of ,, and became the second-highest rated program to ever air on The Hub. However, when they discover that their potion's recipe was connected to a terrible event in Equestrian history, they must find a way to reverse its effects. They set off to seek a potential partner for her, eventually settling on Apple Bloom's older brother, Big McIntosh. They initially set up a romantic meeting between the two, using false pretenses to bring the two together, but this proves unsuccessful. The three happen across Twilight Sparkle , reading a book about Hearts and Hooves Day, including the recipe for a potion purportedly able to make a couple fall in love.


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    Shout! Factory's final My Little Pony DVD, Hearts and Hooves, was released on January 1, Copies of this DVD began printing on.

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