Dating nails and screws

Furniture Detective: Screws give valuable clues when in search of antique furniture origins

dating nails and screws

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Nails and Wood Screws

One of the most overlooked and least understood clues in establishing the date and authenticity of older and antique furniture is the story that screws can tell about the history of a piece. - Most everyone knows that handmade nails are older than machine made nails.

Nail (fastener)

In woodworking and construction , a nail is a small object made of metal or wood, called a tree nail or "trunnel" which is used as a fastener , as a peg to hang something, or sometimes as a decoration. Nails are made in a great variety of forms for specialized purposes. The most common is a wire nail.

Return Home Showroom Search for Nails. Looking at antique furniture, we often seek clues for authenticity and age. There are many factors that show true historic construction, but one clue that is often overlooked is the type of nail used to hold the piece together. Nails in antique furniture are often barely noticeable, but they are another key to unlock the history of wooden pieces.

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