Nabiki and ranma

Nabiki, Ranma's New Fiancee!

nabiki and ranma
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Ranma 1//2 Hentai

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Ranma does not exactly have a romantic relationship with Nabiki , but they do have a relationship.
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Nabiki Tendo

Nabiki Tendo (?? ???, Tendo Nabiki?) is the middle daughter of Soun Tendo, making her the younger sister of Kasumi and the older sister of the female protagonist, Akane. Nabiki has chin-length hair (brown in the anime) that she wears in a bob cut. Nabiki has a more extravagant.
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Nabiki Tendo/Image Gallery

(??????????, Ranma wa Nabiki no Iinazuke??) is the 92nd episode of Ranma ? Nettohen. An angry Akane decides to renounce her position as Ranma's Tendo fiancee, transferring the responsibility to Nabiki instead. As Happosai speeds past, Akane grabs the bottle of soy sauce from Kasumi.
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This is a page describing the possible romantic relationship between Nabiki Tendo and Tatewaki Kuno , including hints. Canonically, Nabiki and Kuno not only do not share a romantic relationship, but actively seem to dislike each other: Kuno is disdainful of Nabiki's mercenary ways and constant swindling of money particularly from himself , while Nabiki seems to regard Kuno as nothing more than a vaguely amusing, more often irritating, source of frequent cash. However, a number of fans believe that the two have the potential to establish a romantic relationship, noting the somewhat playful teasing and insults that Nabiki gives Kuno particularly in the anime, where she mockingly calls him "Kuno-baby" -- "Kuno-chan" in original manga , the fact that she has done small favors for Kuno such as taking him to the nurse's room after Ranma first knocks him out cold , and, in a less idealistic note, the fact that Nabiki enjoys manipulating others and money, whereas Kuno is both easily manipulated and very rich. Judging from his actions Kuno has a fondness for strong and independent women.

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