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Into the Badlands Exclusive: Tilda and Odessa Discuss The Widow

tilda and odessa
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Into the badlands Tilda and Odessa kissing

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Q: Tilda has forged herself a new identity: The Iron Rabbit. Did this new identity require any new training on your part or the way she physically carries herself? A: Definitely.
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Into the Badlands Exclusive: Tilda and Odessa Discuss The Widow

Meanwhile, The Widow makes an unholy alliance. From the clip below, Odessa may not think that this alliance is necessarily a good thing and voices those concerns to Tilda. As Ally Ioannides previewed to us earlier this season, Odessa definitely has Tilda questioning many things about herself.

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Odessa is a recurring character in the second and third seasons of Into The Badlands. She is portrayed by Maddison Jaizani.

Can you believe it? It's somewhat of an unforeseen move on Tilda's part, considering the fact that she's recently been dedicating her life to making the Widow's that much harderbut is this all part of some big plan? This week, SYFY FANGRRLS had the opportunity to chat with none other than Ally Ioannides about all things Tilda-related, including what it was like to film that big fight scene at the beginning of the episode, Tilda's relationship with Odessa and whether or not she thinks there's the possibility for reconciliation between Tilda and the Widow before the season ends. I'm good. I'm just sitting here drinking a turmeric latte, looking at all my boxes. I'm about to leave my Ireland apartment. It's so weird.



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