Natsu and erza kiss fanfiction

natsu and erza kiss fanfiction
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A special day in Fairy Tail! - It has been three months since Natsu and Erza went to the beach.

It was a normal day in a town named magnolia and it wasn't just normal town because they had a magic they almost use magic for anything and there was a special guild there named fairytail and this guild was not that normal and with their pink and red headed wizards they had a lot of things to go through. I think you like being on the train" said Lucy a blond celestial wizard "don't test me Lucy or you will not like the outcome" said a red eyed natsu after that Lucy sweat dropped and decided not to get on natsu bad side. We're back" natsu had to let off some steam for not finding his foster parent igneel .. Gray was satisfied what he did until he saw erza and he panicked while natsu and erza was in an sweet position and that was the only thing they saw until they saw natsu and erza sharing a kiss they broke apart before anything else bad happens "um natsu sorry about that" said gray looking somewhere to hide from erza wrath "um erza .

Author's Note: Natza Week has already started and this is officially my drabbles and one-shots of the pairing. The few are just: Mirajane, who was currently on a cleaning streak, Natsu and Happy, who were idly talking about, Erza, who was enjoying her Strawberry Cheesecake, Makarov, who slept on the balcony, and Levy, who was sitting in the far back of the guild, studying new spells and incantations with various books. We haven't even checked them out yet!


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    How Freaking Romantic, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

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    Life story of Natsu and Erza, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

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    This is a story mainly on drabbles of both Natsu and Erza. . save me, kiss me, and wisk me away with him to the horizon," Erza faintly smiled.

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