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Henkei Shoujo | N°2: Rin GIF

henkei shoujo gif
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The unique comedy shorts are crowdfunding a sixth episode on Motion Gallery. Donors will get a say in the new short's character design, voice actor, and her transform
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henkei shoujo GIFs

Originally posted by sweetsmilk. Okay, so I actually know who she is to some degree. Here are all 5 episodes in all of their glory.

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Anime Henkei Shoujo

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Japan has reached the pinnacle of possible technology. With its latest developments, they've blown away breakthroughs in curing cancer, mastering virtual reality and even space travel. But how was this achieved? And why are companies like Nissan and Toyota so excited about it? Autobots and Decepticons, it's time we set aside our differences in order to defeat a much, much bigger threat. Japan has created vehicle-transforming anime girls. If you didn't know already, my name is Brightning and when it comes to cute girls doing cute things, I'm one of the first to hear about it.

Characters Haru and this week's Rin aren't the garden variety magical girls. No, Haru and Rin transform into vehicles. Haru stunned a girl in a white dress when she became a jet plane to retrieve her hat. The poor girl is shocked again when Rin runs up to a gas station and starts guzzling gasoline. It only gets weirder from there. Rin turns into a pale pink sports car that somehow still manages to have visible panties from multiple angles.


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