No fap challenge science

The “NoFap” Revolution: What Are the Scientific Benefits of Not Masturbating?

no fap challenge science
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The NoFap movement gets lots of media attention, but their claims are based on weak science, subjective anecdotes, and old myths. Reportedly, the group initially started as a joke, and a challenge to not masturbate.
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NoFap is a website and community forum that serves as a support group for those who wish to avoid pornography and masturbation., Log in or Sign up.

What about the scientific evidence for masturbation?

In , Alexander Rhodes was browsing Reddit when he stumbled upon a thread about masturbation in the Today I Learned community. Curious to see if this was actually true, Rhodes, who was only years-old at the time, made the ultimate sacrifice for science. He abstained from masturbation for a week.

NoFap is cracking down on low-quality content on its subreddit forum. High quality and original content is permitted, but very low quality content and frequent reposts are removed. Want memes?

NoFap is a secular abstinence website , subreddit , and movement created by Alexander Rhodes which attempts to help people recover from so-called " porn addiction ", which does not appear to have a basis in science — despite claiming otherwise.


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