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les stine gay
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He worked in the industry for a decade, performing in more than 70 films over the course of his career. - Gay Erotic Video Index This site offers sexually explicit gay male adult content.

Les Stine's Gay Porn Star Biography. Classic porn star Les Stine first began appearing in XXX movies in Because he wasn't the most prolific actor, we'd understand if you weren't familiar with Les Stine.
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Categories: Porn Star Fantasy. Just about the time I graduated from college and got my first job the video industry had pretty much perfected the VHS tape. What a good deal for me! I think I must've spent half my first year's salary on porno tapes, and one of my favorite male sex flick stars was a guy named Les Stine. Les looked to be in his early twenties and he loved to be fucked. In some of his videos he appeared with his body clean shaven, but my favorite videos of him show him with a very hairy body.


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