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The Enough nationwide school walkout on March 14 th was a movement to stand in solidarity with the survivors of Parkland and protest gun violence.
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This is a nostalgia tour and everyone is up for it. A willing audience for nostalgia, though, is no guarantee that all will go swimmingly. Nostalgia tours can also be a drag for the audience when there is a contrast between what an act perceive as their own artistic purpose and what the audience expects from a bloody good night out, which is bangers and dancing.
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  1. Claude D. says:

    T he first time I was kneed in the body, the sensation of losing air, of every muscle clenching, of a pain that radiated from my diaphragm and spread outward like a spiteful firework stopped me cold.

  2. Walda F. says:

  3. Eleonora R. says:

    Fighting games are characterized by close combat between two fighters or groups of fighters of comparable strength, often broken into rounds.

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    IT'S been dubbed the bloodiest sport in the world - where men and women beat each other to a pulp with glass lighting tubes, fan-made barbed-wire bats and other deadly weapons.

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