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shows similar to secret diary of a call girl
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Billie Piper in Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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Christine Reade Riley Keough is a law student and an intern at a prestigious firm but her focus quickly shifts when a classmate introduces her to the world of transactional relationships. Juggling two lives, Christine is drawn into the GFE world, attracted to the rush of control and intimacy. She never wavers in her goal to be a lawyer.

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Say what you like about , there was no shortage of bare skin on the telly. Maybe we needed the distraction. In a case of life imitating art, Duchovny had treatment for his own sex addiction during production. Most of the retro dirty deeds are done in the name of science, see. It features vintage vibrators and "Ulysses", the first ever transparent dildo with an attached camera. Realistic sex scenes and knowing ROFLs ensued.

And is there anything worse than finding yourself offended like some Daily Mail reader by something on TV?


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