How many calories do you burn jerking off

Does masturbation help you lose weight?

how many calories do you burn jerking off
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How many calories do you burn jerking off?

She looks me straight in the eye, and with that sweet little smile of hers, she tells me I need to "lose the caboose". She's right of course, and it worked for her so …what've I got to lose?

Does jacking off burn calories?

Yes, there I said it. - I have a serious question.

How Many Calories Does Jacking Off Burn? The Best Info Right Now!

It might get your heart rate up but does masturbation help you lose weight? Often we associate exercise with the pain of getting that last rep or running just a little bit further rather than the pleasure of well, whatever you get up to in your own time, but are we all fools, busting our asses at the gym when we could be burning calories in other, more pleasurable, ways? Ramani Durvasula PhD suggests that yes, masturbation can actually help you, but probably not in the way you were expecting. Find out more in her book. Apparently, although I must admit, sources on the topic were few in number coming to climax burns approximately 3 calories — allowing you to indulge in three-quarters of a gourmet Jelly Belly jelly bean. Multiple studies have shown that oxytocin is linked to reducing cravings for junk-food, reducing binge eating and generally reducing calorie intake Found here , here and here , amongst many others.

How many calories does jacking off burn? It's a very debatable topic. Mainly, it is because there's no direct answer to that question. The duration, intensity, effort, frequency and even the position involved which can affect the number of calories burned while jacking off all have to be taken into consideration before you can even begin to surmise just how much calories you are burning by jacking off. Okay, I am assuming that we are all adults here.


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    Does Jerking Off Count as Working Out?

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