Neon flesh full movie

Neon Flesh

neon flesh full movie
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When street hustler and petty crook Ricky learns that his mother is soon to be released from prison, he decides to open up a brothel in her.
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He ekes out a precarious living selling tissues, among other things, with help from pimp Angelito Vicente Romero, a compelling mix of comedy and cruelty and his junkie g. Ricky is saving up to open a brothel as a gift for Pura when she gets out of jail — a dangerous move, since they would be encroaching on the territory of tough guy El Chino Dario Grandinetti.

Neon Flesh is a film that is reminiscent of Tarantino, and of gritty Scandinavian comedies. Unfortunately, it is uneven in its humour and it is less clever than its inspirations. Neon Flesh is a strange one.

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