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About Cherry

about cherry full movie
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The film sketches out the precariousness of her home life without histrionics. Her mother Lili Taylor loves her children but struggles with alcoholism, and Hinshaw shares a bed with her younger sister to protect her from a stepfather who stops by her room at night. About Cherry is a terminally San Francisco movie, from its romanticized Mission District setting to its portrayal of the city as cheerily pansexual to its female-led fetish shoots, as giggly and mutually admiring as a middle-school sleepover. While the film, which was co-written by adult actress Lorelei Lee, deserves credit for its relentless sex-positivity, it has a didactic undercurrent, making its main character into a beautiful blank, ready to blossom under the bright camera lights and to be unabashed in the face of the unenlightened. Among those are her hypocritical mother, her best friend Dev Patel and her coke-snorting lawyer boyfriend James Franco, coasting , who all ultimately fail to support her, leaving Heather Graham, a director at Bod, to affirm her choices.

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