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Dawn Dunlap

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Dawn Dunlap

Dawn Dunlap nude

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A satin-skinned brunette with glittering green eyes and a soft pink croissant of a mouth set in a tender, round face, Dawn Dunlap is a study in innocence and experience. Though an American from Texas, Dawn made her film debut in the sensual French study Laura, les ombres de l'ete Standing naked, Dawn is the essence of youth, her expression brimming with expectant innocence, hair as light as down, puffy lips pouting with the softness of a child, chest heaving with the billowy breasts of a teenager, which is what she was. Three years later, in the Roger Corman sci-fi and skin sextravaganza Forbidden World , Dunlap's butt flaps retain only the merest hint of baby flesh.

She quit the film industry in and moved back to her home state of Texas. Hamilton himself made a cameo appearance in the film. It stars a then fourteen-year-old Dawn Dunlap as the title character. Plot James Mitchell plays Paul Wyler, a successful sculptor best known for sculpting nude young girls. When he encounters an old flame, Sarah Maud Adams , he is so smitten by her beautiful daughter Laura that he asks Sarah if she will pose for him. Sarah, married but still jealous of the fact that her former lover is more attracted to her daughter, tells Paul that Laura is not interested, even though she is actually quite enthusiastic about doing it.


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