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Rachel Weisz tells all on spitting into Rachel McAdams mouth during 'Disobedience' sex scene

rachel mcadam sex

Celebrities Rachel McAdams & Weisz go Lesbian in Disobedience (2017)

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Published: November 28, The actress, who has been married to Daniel Craig for seven years, used lychee-flavored lube to spit on McAdams during their love scene in the film Disobedience, which tells the story of two Orthodox Jewish women embarking on a gay affair.
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Rachel McAdams says sex scene with Rachel Weisz better than with any male actor

Rachel McAdams says Rachel Weisz sex scene was best shes ever had

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for " Disobedience. Rachel Weisz has already weighed in on the much-discussed "Disobedience" sex scene, calling it a fundamental and empowering moment for the characters played by Rachel McAdams and herself, and now McAdams shares her thoughts on the scene everyone can't stop talking about.

Rachel McAdams Says Her Sex Scene with Rachel Weisz Had an 'Energy' She Never Had with Male Actors

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    There's a reason critics are calling the "Disobedience" love scene between McAdams and co-star Rachel Weisz one of the best sex scenes of.

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    Rachel McAdams' sex scene in her new movie was unlike any she'd shot before and not just because it was a woman. In Disobedience.

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