How to make a dilldo

Making DIY homemade dildos out of stuff around my house

how to make a dilldo
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How to make your own vagina or anus sex toy (DIY Fleshlight // Pussy // Anus)

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How to set up your own Etsy dildo shop

Oh Joy Sex Toy: How to Make a DIY Harness

The idea of turning your own cock into a Frankenstein composite is something that should be subject to discussion before such a procedure is ever made possible. I guess I should first clarify that the act of cloning my penis isn't nearly as scientific as I'm making it seem.

How To Make A Dildo Go Fuck Yourself! (With The 5 Best Homemade Dildos)

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Sophie Saint Thomas. You're surrounded by sex toys at home, and you don't even know it. As they say, with a little imagination, anything can be a dildo. And rather than grab the handcuffs hidden away in a bottom drawer, why not simply have your partner whip off their belt?

While these toys are firm enough for penetration, we suggest you use them only as a decoration or edible treat. For an awesome self-pleasure we do and always will recommend the ones on our list of the top dildos.


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    Homemade Dildos for When the Moment Strikes Unexpectedly

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    Homemade Dildo: Tips on How To Do It Yourself |

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    Empire labs, the worldwide leader in do-it-yourself penis casting kits.

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