Hook up tivo to verizon fios

Running a Verizon FiOS Box Through TiVo

hook up tivo to verizon fios
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Need Help: How to Connect an OTA antenna and keep FIOS Internet & phone

I use my own AP for wireless access around the house — mainly for better coverage and dual-band., Menu Menu.

I've just recentley purchased FIOS and i can't seem to get my tivo to work with it, anyone out there that can help with setup? I've tried switching.
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Why I broke up with TiVo after so many years

You need to run coax to the Quantum router from the ONT. Then you will need a MoCA 3 way splitter.

Simplify FiOS - dump Actiontec and use your own router

There's a long waiting list in my state, so I signed up in October and had it installed just this last week. This device is the bridge between the fiber optic cable that comes right up to your house but not inside and whatever wiring you have in your house. If you have basic needs, often Verizon will just put a wireless router in your garage and call it done, giving you wireless Internet access as far as that router reaches. In the last six months, however, Verizon has started using routers that include a Coax connector such that the FIOS signal s can run over 75OHM Coax cable, switching from Fiber to Coax at the ONT - using the cable you likely already have running through your house into each room. The installer should do a signal test to check for loss over long runs and through splitters.


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    How to set up Tivo and Fios

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