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10 Celebrity Men Who Are Known For Having Small Penises

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'The New Pope' is the follow-up series to 'The Young Pope', in which Jude Law played Lenny Belardo, later Pope Pius XIII, Archbishop of New.
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10 Celebrities Who Allegedly Have Really Tiny Penises

By someone , June 9, in Small Penis Syndrome.
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These celebrities who have small penises have nothing to be ashamed of, but they should get a new PR person. Make sure to also check out this list of well endowed celebs.

It looks like a normal dick to me, but maybe those media girls have been around enough to know better than I. The good news is you can see it right here after the jump , along with evidence that Jude is no shrinking…. Than you have not read any of the books about Princess Diana and the Queen having a ruff of a discussion over that very thing. Diana won the fight.


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